Hello, I am Art.

I help non-technical startup founders to better understand what product they want to build from a technical point of view.

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I've written best selling book on React.js

React.js Essentials book cover
React.js Essentials: A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js for beginners.
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I teach JavaScript and React.js to beginners

I teach 1-on-1 and groups. I focus on your individual needs and teach you fundamental ideas and concepts in JavaScript and React.js. We then focus on how to solve a problem by breaking it down into smaller problems and solving them one by one.

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I build web products

Stock trading transactions analysis tool screenshot.

Built with React.js and Flux. Take a look at the source code on GitHub.

What people say about me?

Art is an incredible mentor and teacher, always approachable and willing to give up his free time for his students. Throughout the course at The IronYard he adapted the pacing of his teaching depending on the progress of us students and gave us great resources. Thanks Art! Harry Dykins

Artemij is a truly talented Lead developer, he has great knowledge of the market and a passion for the industry. He is an inspiring person and a great role model for his students. It was a pleasure working with him, throughout the process he managed to impress everyone he spoke to. Recommended :) Mahyar Rezaei

Artemij has a been a delight to work with. He possesses the vision of a true technology expert, which aids him in penning down his perspective of the technology with absolute finesse. His writing style has a personal touch to it, which keeps the readers glued to his content. He is constantly looking at new ways to make his content more appealing to the readers by restructuring content in order to craft a perfect book. I consider it an honor for me to be associated with an expert like Artemij. I wish him all the luck with his future endeavors. Nikhil Karkal

Art is a talented lead developer who delivers great products. He inspires all those around him and is a patient teacher. I learnt a lot working with him. Stephen Reece

I had the pleasure of working with Artemij while he attended the year long Ignite programme at UCC. I have found him to be, bright, hard working and dedicated with great attention to detail. It is a pleaseure to recommend Artemij Pat Lynch